new set of services based on one simple act

You talking into a phone (or whatever)


Anything & Everything

---Coming Soon---

Looks like it's started - 2014!

Tell Your Phone Anything & Everything


Imagine picking up your phone, clicking on a button or dialing a number and talking

What sort of things would you talk about?

Let's start with -

  • Is something doing your head in?
  • Do you want an answer to a question?
  • Are you watching something happen and want to say what you are seeing?
  • Have you got a story?
  • Are you having a fight?
  • Do you want a letter written?
  • Do you keep making the 'same' mistakes?
  • What do you think makes you angry?

You phone

You talk

Our advanced technology listens - and reacts in real time to the words, sentences, phrases, emotions that you add in and it gets to work

Depending on what you have said our technology directs it's energy to helping you in any way it can, or in any way you have asked for

A simple question could get a simple answer spoken back to you, a more complex question gets a longer verbal, text or email reply

If you have an account your voice data is stored and so much more can be asked for and delivered-

  • Profiling - of you for your own benefit
  • Health & Fitness- all sorts of different services
  • Disputes - Arbitration and Conciliation
  • Legal
  • Family history
  • Work
  • Pleasure
  • Finances
  • Match Making
  • Historic Personal Problems (Baggage)

All Calls Will Be Recorded For Training Purposes! - training to understand you better

Highest Level Security Standards