Working with 'us'

Imagine a global, enterprise class structure with millions of top secret accounts - yours... actually yours, not the great big, global class wotsit's. 

Like building blocks. Each person who joins in with an account is a building block. So, if this was crowd funded what would be on offer would be a directorship for each major contributor... but that would carry on once the trial was over and the full run of the company was taking place. You would own your own block of 'your' company in effect
Your data and everything done with it is yours to do with what you will.
If you want to share it, you can. Sell it? Of course. Keep it VERY SECRET? Done.

Imagine millions of voice controlled accounts with hundreds of thousands of possibilities of output

Imagine data storage on a vast scale with instant backup and recovery

Imagine offering Cloud computing, Meanings Based Computing, Computing Just by Talking, Sense from Confusion Computing... 

Anything and Everything thrown in by clients has to have an output that satisfies - that is TellYourPhone's main function - to act as a universal, automated, voice controlled deliverer of satisfaction

To Listen and Do

Your job could be to help build this and maintain and grow this company

Do you want to?